Digital camera microscopes are replacing
traditional optical microscopes around the globe


Visus Cmore Plus


Cmore Plus

The Cmore Plus magnification system from Visus technology combines the FHD technology´s supremely sharp images and the microscopes ability to magnify

New electronics and New camera gives an exceptional sharp picture quality! Also the menu system is updated and is now very easy to use. The Cmore Plus also has a cleaner look with all connections now coming out from under the hood.

Grabb images to USB stick

Snap shot mode. You do not need at computer to grabb a image anymore. Just connect a USB stick to your Cmore Plus and use the snapp button on the remote.

Ethernet – Internet of Things!

See the inspection process with your Visus Cmore Plus LIVE from anywhere on the globe into your Pc, Mac, tablet, smartphone or other device


User friendly

Cmore Plus is a very user friendly system. The simplicity of the system with only one button and the easy to handle remote control enable you to operate the Cmore Plus without any training. And you need almost no time to adjust to using it.
Cmore Plus is extremely fast at finding focus. You can also, if it´s necessary, change to manual focus. To find the focus exactly where you want it on the object you are working with.

Developed with operator in mind

View crystal clear 1920x1080 images on your HD monitor, reducing the eye strain and neck fatigue associated with frequent use of traditional microscopes.
In process visual inspection, final quality control inspection, documentation of quality, standardization of quality process.
  • Side by side image comparison.
  • Overlay Image comparator.
  • Document to network – save time by connection your Cmore to your network. Store images on specific place.
  • Optical magnification to 30x with standard lens and fast autofocus ensures excellent images. High magnification, exceptional clarity.
The flexibility ICON offers enables it to be utilized in different industries such as
Electronics, Jewellery, Watchmaking, Forensic, Metallurgical, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, conservation and restoration.


Technical specifications

  • Resolution monitor
    1920x1080 (Full HD)
  • Resolution computer
    1920x1080 (Full HD)
  • Camera zoom
    x30 optical
  • Frame rate
    60 full digital frames / second
  • Free working height under camera
    320 mm
  • Operating system demands
    win 11 / win10 / win8 / win7
  • Output
    mini USB computer HDMI screen
  • Lighting
    built in two angled LED lighting
  • Monitor size
  • Dimensions
    H 410mm W 170mm D 350mm
  • Weight
    4,5 kg
  • Monitor format detect
  • Autofocus
  • Image / Video capture

Downloads Visus Cmore Plus

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