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Introduction of affordable digital microscopes is transforming
production practices across a host of industry.

Introduction of affordable digital microscopes is transforming production practices across a host of industry.

Visus technology from Sweden has turned its eye to this burgeoning field in the form of the Cmore Full HD. The Cmore is a simple stand alone inspection system that allows the user to view on a monitor a precise live picture at 30x zoom of what is currently under the camera, without any distortion, delay or interference. The product comes with built-in LED lighting, auto and manual focus, measurement and drawing software as well as frame grabbing software.

Cmore for quality control in agriculture industries

With a Visus digital microscope using sufficient magnification levels, you can view your seed and grain in high magnification with extremely high image quality. Thereby you can quickly perform processes such as seed germination testing and purity determination of a seed or grain test with wheat, barley or rye seeds, making it very easy to identify foreign varieties, mites or fungal diseases in your sample.

Cmore for automotive industry

The assembly process for automotive parts involves both inspection for defects and verification of measurements. To handle the wide variety of parts in the automobile assembly process, visual inspection tools must have a wide magnification range. They should be able to focus on an extremely small area and magnify it while retaining sharpness and depth, all without distortion.

Cmore for visual inspection in the electronics sector

Visus video microscopes are used for many tasks as for example visual inspection of printed circuit boards, using high-definition cameras and high-definition monitors combined with easy to use interfaces, to get excellent image quality and an incredible ease of use. Experience magnification with outstanding live image quality without distortion and with a large field of view, manual and auto-focus.

Cmore for forensic business

Forensic science gathers and examines information about the past. Technicians inspect fingerprints, signatures, crime scene details, hair samples, and other physical pieces of evidence. They also inspect currency to assess potential for counterfeiting. Most forensics is done in a lab in highly rigid environments. I
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